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Series SSR-15,DWYER,Intrinsically Safe Relay

Model SSR-15 Intrinsically Safe Relay

SPST Switch Operation, 5 Amp

Model SSR-15 Intrinsically Safe Relay offers low power switching with solid state reliability and eliminates explosive conditions. Units are completely encapsulated and impervious to dust, moisture, or foreign material. Model SSR-15 can be mounted in any orientation and is shock and vibration resistant.

Series 782H,DWYER,Hermetically Sealed Ice Cube Relays

Series 782H Hermetically Sealed Ice Cube Relays

5 Amp, 4PDT Operation, Class 1 Div II Rated

The Series 782H Hermetically Sealed Ice Cube Relay is suitable for switching up to four circuits in a hazardous environment. It features a hermetically sealed housing and a safety seal to withstand a wash-down. The plug-in socket is easy to mount and remove from crowded DIN rails.

Series 861H,DWYER,Hazardous Rated Solid State Relays

Series 861H Hazardous Rated Solid State Relays

15 Amp Rating, SPST-NO, Internal Heat Sink

The Series 861H Hazardous Rated Solid State Relayprovides reliable switching and long life operation in some of the most demanding applications, such as medical equipment, mining, oil and gas. It integrates an internal heat sink and internal snubber into a compact housing to save space in the panel. In order to reduce installation time, integral tabs can be used to snap the relay onto a DIN rail or surface mount to a wall inside the panel. LED indicator lights give the user quick visual indication of the switch status. The 861H is intrinsically safe rated for Class 1, Division 2 Groups A, B, C and D.

Series 782,DWYER,DPDT Ice Cube Relays

Series 782 DPDT Ice Cube Relays

15 Amp, DPDT Operation

The Series 782 Electromechanical Ice Cube Relay is a full-featured DPDT relay that can be used to switch two different devices with a single trigger. With a rating of 15 amps, the relay can be used to stop and start small fans, motors, and pumps directly. It features a flag status indicator and a LED status lamp to let the user know when the relay is activated. In order to differentiate between AC and DC actuated models, the push-to-test button is color-coded. For testing the operation, a removable lock-down lever holds the test button in place. The clear plastic housing gives a view of the contacts, and there is a removable I.D. tag for labeling the circuit.

Series 725,DWYER,Power Relay

Series 725 Power Relay

SPST-NO Operation, 30 Amp or DPST-NO Operation, 25 Amp

The Series 725 Power Relays are designed to switch high current loads in the most demanding of applications. By having a high dielectric strength from the coils to the contacts, the relay is able to withstand severe voltage surges and spikes as commonly seen in inductive loads. Flag and LED indicators show the relay status and if there is power to the coil. A push-to-test button allows for manual testing of the relay operation without providing an electrical trigger. Integral mounting ears allows the relay to be panel mounted or DIN rail mounted without the need for an external socket. For quicker wiring installation, the Series 725 is available with quick connect tabs or screw terminals.

Series 750H,DWYER,Hermetically Sealed Relay

Series 750H Hermetically Sealed Relay

12 Amp, DPDT Operation (8-pin) or 3PDT Operation (11-pin)

The Series 750H Hermetically Sealed Electromechanical Relay is designed to be used in Class I Division 2 hazardous area locations. Gold flashed contacts provide protection against oxidation in low current / voltage applications. 8-pin and 11-pin sockets are available to allow quick and easy installation for both surface and DIN rail mounting.

Series 9,DWYER,Electromechanical Relay

Series 9 Electromechanical Relay

30 Amp, SPDT and DPDT Operation

is small in size, features Class F insulation for a max coil temperature of 155°C, quick-connect terminals for simple connection, and is panel mountable. The relays are compact and impervious to shock and vibration. The EMR is perfect for motor control, power supplies, lighting, and compressor loads.

Series 861SSR,DWYER,DIN/Panel Mountable Solid State Relay

Series 861SSR DIN/Panel Mountable Solid State Relay

10 Amp, SPST-NO Operation, Internal Heat Sink

Series 861SSR DIN/Panel Mountable Solid State Relay features an internal heat sink, bistable clips for DIN rail or panel mounting and an LED indicator light. It is a completely solid state relay – it has NO moving parts. The 861SSR provides reliable switching and long-life operation in applications where high inrush currents or induced currents can affect mechanical state relay operation. The compact housing also minimizes panel space.

Series SSR,DWYER,Solid State Relay

Series SSR Solid State Relay

5 or 10 Amp, SPST Switch Operation

Series SSR Solid State Relays amplify the current handling capability of a variety of sensors for controlling higher power loads. The relays are compact, totally encapsulated and impervious to shock or vibration. Units feature SPST, normally open switch operation and can control loads up to 5A or 10A depending on model. Models SSR-312 and SSR-324 are specifically designed to provide low current “start-stop” or “on-off” switching for industrial motor, liquid level, and other control systems. Units hold operational state up to a 1/2 second during momentary power loss to cut nuisance shutdowns.

Series FC-1000,DWYER,Electronic Fan Speed Control

Model FC-1000 Electronic Fan Speed Control

Low Cost, 0-10 VDC Input, Selectable Hard Start

provides precise speed modulation of small AC motors. Popular 0-10 VDC input works with most process controllers, eliminating the need for more expensive dampers, damper actuators and linkages while improving overall energy efficiency of the system. This inexpensive unit enables variable control ventilation fans, condenser fans and interfacing with VAV box controllers.

Series BGM,DWYER,Bar Graph Meter

Series BGM Bar Graph Meter

Clear Relative Position and High Resolution In One

The Series BGM Digital Bar Graph Meter is extremely durable and can replace a wide range of analog meters. The 4-digit display will significantly reduce the potential for human error in reading by eliminating errors commonly produced by the viewing angle when reading analog meters. This series has a key pad that allows for easy access of features without complex menu structures. With the combined ability to create a wide range of custom faceplate and the optional NEMA 4X bezel, the Series BGM can be used in a variety of applications. The LED bar graph adds a visual indicator of the measured value so that it can be visually analyzed, preventing accidents or system failures from happening.

Series SPPM,DWYER,Smart Programmable Panel Meter

Series SPPM Smart Programmable Panel Meter

Fully Field Configurable, 16-Bit Color Touch Screen Display

THE SERIES SPPM SMART PROGRAMMABLE PANEL METERis a configurable full-color touch-screen display that can be used in a variety of applications. By using a USB connection, the panel meter can be configured with downloadable software for any computer running Windows® based software. The display features remarkable graphics that can easily be customized to read and/or graph pressure, temperature, humidity, gas concentration, or many other parameters.

Series MPM,DWYER,Multi Panel Meter

Series MPM Multi Panel Meter

1/8 DIN, Dual-Line 6-Digit Display, Multi-Pump Alternation Control

The Series MPM has a unique, rugged, NEMA 4X front panel design that makes it nearly impenetrable in typical applications. The weatherproof, UV resistant, large, dual line display allows for more information, making it easier to read and simpler to program. The intensity of the display can be adjusted allowing this meter to be utilized in dark rooms as well as outdoors, due to its sunlight readable display.

Series PPM, DWYER ,Pulse Panel Meter

The Series PPM has a unique, rugged, NEMA 4X front panel design that makes it nearly impenetrable in typical applications. The weatherproof, UV resistant, large, dual line display allows for more information, making it easier to read and simpler to program. The intensity of the display can be adjusted allowing this meter to be utilized in dark rooms as well as outdoors, due to its sunlight readable display. It features up to eight visual alarm set points to trigger certain events and three function keys which can be programmed to provide direct menu access. With up to four relays available, the PPM features latching, non-latching, sampling, pump alteration control, and a fail-safe action. Offering programmable delay time, this meter prevents recognition of false maximum or minimum reading which may be caused by the start-up or unusual process events. The PPM provides three security passwords that restrict modification of programmed settings. This unit has the ability to obtain non-linear input signals and linearize them with a general purpose 32-point linearizer. Choose from RS-232, RS-422/485 serial communication options or any available expansion modules, accessories, and enclosures.

The PPM displays flow rate and total simultaneously, with a programmable relay and 4 to 20 mA option for flow rate or flow total. The PPM is a 1/8 DIN digital panel meter specifically designed for displaying flow rate and total from a pulsed input provided by open collector, NPN, PNP, TTL, switch contact, sine wave, or square wave.


SERIES DPMW, DWYER ,LCD Digital Panel Meter

THE SERIES DPMW LCD DIGITAL PANEL METER is designed with a 3-1/2 digit, high contrast LCD. It can be quickly installed in a 2.31″ (58.4 mm) x 0.91″ (22.9 mm) panel cutout. This unit accepts a 4 to 20 mA input signal from a pressure, level, flow, or temperature transmitter and requires a 24 VDC power supply to illuminate the colored segments.

Series DPML, DWYER ,LCD Digital Panel Meter

4-1/2 Digit LCD, Selectable Engineering Units, Panel Mount

THE SERIES DPML LCD DIGITAL PANEL METER offers a large 4-1/2 digit LCD display with a choice of red, amber or green segments for easy viewing at a distance. The meter accepts loop powered 4 to 20 mA DC input, 0 to 5 VDC, or 0 to 10 VDC voltage input. Standard features include field-selectable engineering units and decimal point positions. A 24 VDC power supply is required for the operation of the back light.