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SERIES CSE-KN, DWYER ,Carbon Steel Enclosure with Knockouts

THE SERIES CSE-KN CARBON STEEL ENCLOSURES are spot-welded, wall mounted enclosures designed to house electrical controls, instruments, and components in general purpose areas with knockouts to allow cords to pass easily into the unit. The door features butt hinges that allow 180° of rotation, a keylocking quarter turn latch, and a ground stud. Mounting holes on the back of the enclosure allow for versatile mounting. Each enclosure includes a sub-panel with a 2″ x 2″ (50.8 mm x 50.8 mm) mounting grid mounted on standoffs and lock with keys. This series is the perfect accessory for a variety of instrumentation in need of general protection and extra security.

SERIES LCR10 , DWYER ,Circular Chart Recorder

The SERIES LCR10 & LCR20 Circular Chart Recorders are two series of circular chart recorders with single and dual pen options. The LCR10 is a single pen recorder and the LCR20 is a dual pen. They can be easily programmed for any of six different thermocouple types, 100 ohm platinum DIN RTDs, or process inputs.

SERIES MTL20/30 , DWYER ,Miniature USB Data Logger

The Series MTL Miniature USB Data Logger measures and records accurate readings for temperature or temperature/humidity/dew point in a wide range of applications. Sampling intervals and high/low alarm settings are user selectable through the included easy to use Windows® based software. On models ordered with an integral display, the temperature and humidity readings alternate on the display. The series MTL can be software configured to begin measuring based on a time delayed-start or by push-button. The logger can store up to 43,344 readings and can be set to stop on memory full or for continuous recording. Stored data is downloaded by plugging the unit into a PC’s USB port (cable included). The loggers provide measurements for many environment conditions, which make them ideal for refrigeration systems, laboratories, and medical storage facilities.

SERIES MN-1 , DWYER ,Mini-Node™ Communication Signal Converter

The Model MN-1 Mini-Node™ Communication Signal Converter is a low cost device that converts half duplex RS-485 serial communications signals into a signal that can be read by any computer with a USB port. The integral USB connector and RJ-45 connector reduces set up time by eliminating extra wiring. The Model MN-1 is powered via the USB connection which eliminates the need for an external power source. The compact size is great for field installation, control panels, and lab testing.

Series VBS , DWYER ,Vibration Switch

The Series VBS Vibration Switch is small, compact, and uses two easy set up dials that adjust the maximum RMS velocity set point and false trip time delay. The Series VBS is intended to continuously monitor the changes in a machine’s vibration level. The VBS takes real-time RMS vibration input and provides an analog output of velocity as well as a switching output when an alarm value is exceeded.

SERIES VBT-1 , DWYER ,Vibration Transmitter

The Model VBT-1 Vibration Transmitter continuously detects the vibration in a system and monitors for unusual operating conditions and potential failure. The vibration is converted into an analog signal at the current output. The VBT requires no setup, and there is no software required for configuration. The 2-wire loop power operation, combined with standard M12 micro cable connector and interchangeable mounting studs (1/4″-28 UNF/M8 (2) or the 1/4″-28 UNF), makes for a fast and reliable installation.

SERIES DPM, DWYER ,Particulate Monitor

The DPM Particulate Monitor and PMS Particulate Sensor combine to provide a basic baghouse and cartridge filter leak detector designed for general maintenance planning and process protection. It is easy to use and reliable. Leakage is gaged in real-time, on-the-spot, without prior baseline data and without signal tuning. Simply apply power and the general condition of the filter is quickly determined. An alarm point is set by simply moving an indicator up and down the gage with the convenient, lockable key pad. For more precise alarm setup the large display provides both a logarithmic analog bar graph and an absolute digital readout. The log scale enables the user to observe both the baseline bleed through and the high peaks that are caused by filter cleaning cycles and developing leaks. Observation of both baseline and peaks is essential to setting proper alarms. The digital readout in absolute units ensures correct interpretation of the readings and provides accurate historical comparisons.

SERIES PMS , DWYER ,Particulate Sensor

The PMS Particulate Sensor employs a field-proven combination of passive-induction and protected-probe technologies. As particles flow near and around the probe, minute currents are dynamically induced into the probe by flowing particulate. A DSP processes the signal into an absolute output that is reasonably linear to mass. Protective layers over the probe work in combination with induction-sensing to ensure reliable operation with all types of particulate including moist powders and highly conductive dusts. Maintenance is minimal and there is no need for an air purge. For durability, the sensors are passive and free of electronics. The PMS Particulate Sensor is designed to be used with the DPM Particle Monitor in order to be intrinsically safe.

Model CPS , DWYER , Cable Pull Switch

The Model CPS Cable Pull Switch is designed to provide a switching system to isolate the power to the conveyor system or other similar process equipment in event of a shutdown condition. A steel wire is placed along the side of the conveyor and attached to the cable pull switch. When the cable is pulled at any point along the conveyor it will trip the cable pull switch causing the conveyor to shut down. To restart the conveyor the CPS must be manually reset. The CPS has a universal design for bi-directional activation and utilizes a highly visible red flag to indicate the switch status. The compact design makes it ideal for easy installation.

SERIES DSS, DWYER Direct-Contact Speed Switch

The Series DSS Direct-Contact Speed Switch is a compact switch designed to include all mechanical and electronic components in one housing. It will produce an output signal at a predetermined speed which may be either over-speed, under-speed or zero-speed. Rugged, heavy-duty construction combined with solid state electronics and photo-electric technology makes this one of the most advanced motion detectors available. Series DSS protects all valuable rotating equipment including belt conveyors, bucket elevators, rotary feeders or screw conveyors. It operates in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction and mounts in any position.

SERIE CBAS , DWYER , Belt Alignment Switch

The Model CBAS Belt Alignment Switch is a rugged and reliable conveyor belt alignment switch. The compact die cast aluminum enclosure is designed for easy installation. The switch cover allows for simple access to wiring terminals and CAM adjustments. Belt alignment switches are typically used in pairs with one switch on each side of the conveyor belt mounted near the first and/or last pulley of a conveyor. Each CBAS is equipped with two micro switches, allowing one actuation angle for small belt deviations and a second actuation angle for extreme belt deviations. The actuation angles are factory set at 20 degrees and 35 degrees, each actuation angle can be easily adjusted in the field to fit any application.

SERIES NSS , DWYER , Non-Contact Speed Switch)

The Series NSS are self-contained rotation monitoring systems that are ideal for detecting the unwanted slowdown of process equipment. These systems bring efficiency and safety to your operations by preventing machine damage, product waste and costly downtime. The non-contact speed switch is commonly used to monitor drive trains, power-driven components, crushers, exhaust fans, screw conveyors, or tail pulleys on belt conveyors and elevators. The standard system includes either an NSSM-series or an NSSP-series switch and a pulsar DISC.

Series AN2 , DWYER ,Indicating Alarm Annunciator

The Series AN2 Indicating Alarm Annunciator provides visible and audible alarms for up to eight inputs. The annunciator also has two SPDT relay outputs that can be used to initiate external alarms, buzzers, or paging devices. The Integral 24 VDC power supply can power most level, temperature, pressure, and flow switches. Audible alarm conditions can be acknowledged, reset, or silenced either via the front panel push buttons or the rear terminal block. The Series AN2 can be set to any common ISA sequences including First-Out.

SERIES SSCS, DWYER ,Sure-Set Current Switchy

SERIES SSCS SURE-SET CURRENT SWITCH provides a unique approach to calibration and installing current sensors in a low cost, fast, and accurate design. Selecting the set point has never been easier, with each model having 9 preconfigured adjustable HP set points. This feature eliminates the need to work within a live enclosure, reducing the risk of arc flash on installation.

SERIES MCS, DWYER Miniature Current Switch

The SERIES MCS Miniature Current Switches are ideal for monitoring the current usage in fuse boxes and small control panels. Both models have adjustable set points and LED indication to show there is power to the unit and when the switch activates. Set points can be adjusted using the potentiometer next to the LED’s. Due to the size of the switch, it is only offered in solid core and no core versions. The no core version has terminal blocks which can accept currents up to 1 A directly into the unit.