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Series CCS , DWYER ,Current Switch

The SERIES CCS Current Switches are ideal for monitoring the operating status of fans, pumps, and motors. These self-powered switches can be hung or tied directly to cables or wires. For use on existing installations, split core models can be installed without disconnecting cables. LED indicators provide a visual confirmation that the current is flowing through the core. Both fixed and adjustable set points are available. The adjustable models utilize a potentiometer to easily adjust the set point.

SERIES CCT40/50 , DWYER ,Current Transformer

The Series CCT40/50 Current Transformers are a low cost alternative for measuring power and monitoring the operation of fans, pumps, or other equipment. For use on existing installations, split core models can be installed without disconnecting cables. Each model offers three jumper selectable ranges and a choice of three different outputs.

SERIES LTTJ , DWYER ,Current Transformer

0 to 10 VDC Analog Output, Fully Adjustable Output, Over Voltage Protection

Love Controls LTTJ Series Current Transformers allow easy monitoring of the current flowing to your load. This easy to use device provides a 0 to 10 VDC signal into both low and high impedance circuits, and is easily scalable to your needs.

Available in a number of different ranges, the LTTJ Series can be easily mounted on most LTP Series Solid State Relays for convenient wiring. Some models feature an LED for visual confirmation that current is flowing through the device.

Model MSCS , DWYER ,Miniature Current Switch

MODEL MSCS MINIATURE CURRENT SWITCH is a low cost solution for monitoring on and off status of light to medium current loads in compact spaces. This unit has a split core design and has a fixed set point of 0.15 amps. It is designed to detect changes in operating current to prevent motor belt loss, slippage, or mechanical failure.

Series SCT , DWYER ,Current Transformer

The Series SCT Current Transformers continuously measure the current consumption of pumps, fans, boilers, solar panels and chillers for use in energy monitoring. Current or voltage outputs can be scaled using a slider switch to select between three factory set ranges. Split core configuration allows the current transformer to be installed on new and existing installations. Snap-on mounting bracket allows for quick installation of replacement transformers. An optional 10 A command relay can snap onto the current switch, which eliminates the need to mount an additional relay.

SERIES CCT60/70, DWYER ,True RMS Current Transformer

The Series CCT60/70 True RMS Current Transformers are a low cost alternative for providing true RMS outputs on distorted AC waveforms. True RMS outputs are ideal for nonlinear loads or noisy circuits. For existing installations, split core models can be installed without disconnecting cables. Each model offers three jumper selectable ranges to reduce the risk of ordering the wrong model.

Series SCS, DWYER ,Current Switch

Optional Relay Output, Solid or Split Core Case

The Series SCS Low Cost Current Switches are ideal for monitoring whether fans, pumps, or motors are operating. The current flowing through the core of the device powers the circuit without an external power supply. All models have a built in solid state output and are easy to install. Optional LED’s and 10 Amp relay modules are available. The Series SCS is available in both Split and Solid Core configurations.

SERIES 3868 , DWYER ,Tell Tale Jr.™ Open Heater Detector

Indicates Open Loads

The Tell Tale Jr.™ Open Heater Detector is designed to indicate an open heater or other resistive load. Several models are available for various applications. The LED models light an LED when current is flowing in the circuit. If current stops flowing, the LED turns off. Solid state switch models provide either a logic output for DC applications or a triac output for AC applications. These models will satisfy those applications that need to send heater data to a PLC or computer having an appropriate power supply. They are provided with 4 foot leads. If the triac output model is used to drive an inductive load (relay coil, etc.) then the 3138-0412 snubber network is required. While the Tell Tale Jr.™ Detector is self-powered there is no power loss in the monitored load circuit when installed.

Series SC4 , DWYER ,Iso Verter® II Signal Conditioning Module

Accepts Virtually All Standard Process Signals

Linearized and isolated RTD and Thermocouple transmitters are part of the Series SC4000 Iso Verter® II Signal Conditioning Modules. These modules completely isolate the input from the output and from the ground. Compatible with industry standard 35 mm DIN Rail mount transmitters and isolators, these modules are easily applied in new or existing installations.

Series 350 , DWYER , Mother Node™ Communication Signal Converter

Converts RS-232 to RS-485, Isolates & Repeats

The Mother Node™ Communication Signal Converter line of RS-232 to RS-485 converters offers an easy way to use virtually any PC to communicate with half duplex RS-485 devices. Complicated hand-shaking issues are eliminated with these easy to use converters. The Mother Node™ converters come in three levels of sophistication to offer the exact combination of features you need. The Mother Node™ Silver Converter is a low cost device that converts signals at baud rates to 19.2 KBaud. Installation is simple, just connect the two RS-485 wires, the quick connect RS-232 cable, and the power transformer. No additional connections or settings are required. The Mother Node™ Gold Converter adds optical isolation and an additional quick connect (RJ-11) RS-485 output. The Mother Node™ Platinum Converter adds the ability to operate as either a converter or a RS-485 repeater. In repeater mode the RS-485 standard of 32 devices and 1800 m (6000 ft.) of cable run can be increased. In place of the 32nd device on the line, the Mother Node™ Platinum Converter reforms and repeats the wave forms to add an additional 32 devices and 1800 m (6000 ft.) of cable. When used with Love Controls products with Option 992, you can address up to 1020 devices on a single port.

Model 4380 , DWYER , Process Signal Converter/Isolator

Converts Process Signal, Isolates to 1500 V RMS

The Iso Verter® II Isolator/Converter protects electronic circuits by completely isolating the input and output signals from each other and from ground. Both input and output ranges are fully field selectable with easy to adjust switches. With bipolar input selection and zero suppression, nearly any standard input/output range combination is possible. Zero and span adjustments are easily accessible on top of housing. Units plug into universally available octal sockets for quick easy installation. Industry standard “pin-out” wiring configuration allows direct replacement of most competitive models. Order optional 481-0159 socket for new installations.

Series SC1 , DWYER ,Process/Temperature Alarm Switch Module

Two Form C (SPDT) Switches, Small Size, Mounts Easily on 35 mm DIN Rail

The Series SC1090 Thermocouple Limit/Alarm Switch Modules are on-off or limit switches with selectable process signal. Input type, scale range, output action, and output type are all selectable by the user in the field. All selections are made through easily accessible switches without the need to open the product. Each unit has two form C (SPDT) relays which can operate independently, or be logically connected to operate as a DPDT output. A two color LED indicator indicates the status of each output relay.

These units mount easily on a standard 35 mm DIN rail. Low Voltage (SCLXXXX) units are also available.

Series DCTE , DWYER , Photohelic® Switch/Gage On-Demand Cleaning Controller

Reverse Pulse-Jet Cleaning Initiated by Differential Pressure

The Photohelic® Pressure Switch/Gages On-Demand Cleaning Controller provides a simple, complete dust collection control all in one enclosure. The Photohelic® controller combined with the DCT500DC Timer Control provides a timed energization of solenoid valves when the differential pressure indicates filter cleaning is necessary. The operator can easily set the cleaning initiation and duration by adjusting the 2 set point knobs on the front face of the Photohelic® controller. Solenoid valve sequencing is also easily set via two potentiometers inside the enclosure on the timer board. A three position switch on the front of the enclosure offers cleaning versatility by allowing the user to select between on demand or continuous manual cleaning. The Photohelic® controller is pneumatically connected with tubing to fittings on the enclosure. All that is required for start-up is connection of tubing from the process to the external fittings on the enclosure, and wiring the solenoid valves to the timer board.

Series DCT1000DC , DWYER , Dust Collector Timer Controller

For Low Voltage Applications

Simplify your on-demand cleaning requirements with the Series DCT1000DC Dust Collector Timer Controller. Relying on one timer board for on demand and continuous cleaning applications, the DCT1000DC eliminates external devices such as pressure switches, relays and timers.

The DCT1000DC accepts 10-30 VDC power. The units modular design allows for use as a continuous cleaning control or on demand cleaning control using the optional DCP plug-in pressure module. A 4-20 mA process output is integral to the DCP pressure module, eliminating the need to purchase an expensive process transmitter. A solenoid fault light on the DCT1000DC notifies the operator when a solenoid valve fails to activate properly.

The DCT1000DC is the same size for 6, 10 and 22 channels. One board size allows the standardization on one enclosure.

Series DCTS , DWYER , Timer Controller with Expander Board

Expandable Up To 44 Channels

Simplify your on-demand cleaning requirements with the Series DCTS Dust Collector Timer Controller. Relying on one timer board for on-demand and continuous cleaning applications, the DCTS eliminates external devices such as pressure switches, relays and timers.

Offering a universal power supply, the DCTS accepts 85 to 270 VAC/VDC at either 50 or 60 Hz for both domestic and overseas requirements. The units modular design allows for use as a continuous cleaning control or on-demand cleaning control using the optional plug-in pressure module. A 4 to 20 mA process output is integral to the plug-in pressure module, eliminating the need to purchase an expensive process transmitter

DCT600 , DWYER , Timer Controller

With Universal Power for Both 120 and 220 VAC

The Series DCT600 Timer Controller is a timing system for pulse-jet type dust collectors or pneumatic conveying systems in either continuous or on-demand cleaning applications. It provides either 4, 6, 10, 22 or 32 channels. The DCT600 was designed for ease of installation in your dust collector system. For installations requiring fewer channels than available on the board, a shorting plug (DCT604 & DCT610) or dip switches (DCT622 & DCT632) allows selection of the last used channel. Time-on and time-off settings are selected using two potentiometers. High-limit and low-limit control inputs are provided for use with on-demand systems. Units can also work in continuous clean mode. The new enhanced board circuitry of the DCT600 synchronizes the on-time pulse to the power line to achieve a pulse stability of ±1 msec. For safety, the control circuitry including the control inputs and the last channel jumper is isolated from the power line.