Series DA/DS Bourdon Tube Pressure Switches

Series DA/DS Bourdon Tube Pressure Switches

• Visible calibrated dial provides an easy and fast check without having to open device
causing dangerous conditions to operators
• On/off indication (except hermetically sealed snap switch models) gives operator
clear indication of state of switched equipment that could be located in another
• Adjustable or fixed deadband supports control applications by reducing equipment
wear-out by unnecessary recycling
• External switch set-point adjustment reduces set-up time
• Pressure ranges of full vacuum to 8000 psig gives application designers the ability to
specify standard equipment, simplifying install and training, and reducing servicing
• UL listed, CSA approved, many models FM approved to support rigorous process
applications and regulations
• General purpose, weatherproof or explosion-proof enclosures for a variety of indoor
or outdoor environments meeting the needs of multiple applications and uses

• Compressors
• Mechanical HVAC or process equipment
• Pump control

SERIES 3868 , DWYER ,Tell Tale Jr.™ Open Heater Detector

Indicates Open Loads

The Tell Tale Jr.™ Open Heater Detector is designed to indicate an open heater or other resistive load. Several models are available for various applications. The LED models light an LED when current is flowing in the circuit. If current stops flowing, the LED turns off. Solid state switch models provide either a logic output for DC applications or a triac output for AC applications. These models will satisfy those applications that need to send heater data to a PLC or computer having an appropriate power supply. They are provided with 4 foot leads. If the triac output model is used to drive an inductive load (relay coil, etc.) then the 3138-0412 snubber network is required. While the Tell Tale Jr.™ Detector is self-powered there is no power loss in the monitored load circuit when installed.

Series AN2 , DWYER ,Indicating Alarm Annunciator

The Series AN2 Indicating Alarm Annunciator provides visible and audible alarms for up to eight inputs. The annunciator also has two SPDT relay outputs that can be used to initiate external alarms, buzzers, or paging devices. The Integral 24 VDC power supply can power most level, temperature, pressure, and flow switches. Audible alarm conditions can be acknowledged, reset, or silenced either via the front panel push buttons or the rear terminal block. The Series AN2 can be set to any common ISA sequences including First-Out.

SERIES DSS, DWYER Direct-Contact Speed Switch

The Series DSS Direct-Contact Speed Switch is a compact switch designed to include all mechanical and electronic components in one housing. It will produce an output signal at a predetermined speed which may be either over-speed, under-speed or zero-speed. Rugged, heavy-duty construction combined with solid state electronics and photo-electric technology makes this one of the most advanced motion detectors available. Series DSS protects all valuable rotating equipment including belt conveyors, bucket elevators, rotary feeders or screw conveyors. It operates in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction and mounts in any position.