Series BDL,DWYER,Button Data Logger

Series BDL Button Data Logger

Self-Powered, Compact Size, USB Interface

The Series BDL Button Data Logger records temperature and humidity in applications where size and cost effectiveness are vital. Housed in a compact stainless steel case, the BDL is durable in hostile environments, while also being able to be inserted in small items and packages. The Series BDL-K Logger Kit includes 2 buttons, 2 magnets, an interface cable, and a plastic button holder.

Series DL001 ,DWYER,Temperature Data Logger

Model DW-USB-LITE Mini Temperature Data Logger

Single Channel, USB Interface

The compact design of the DW-USB Series data loggers

allows the user to monitor temperature, humidity, dew point, voltage, or current almost anywhere. The user can select the sampling rate, start time, high/low alarm settings, and temperature unit parameters with easy to install Windows® based software. Stored data is downloaded by simply plugging the module into a PC’s USB port with no cable required. Alarm status and low battery is indicated via built-in flashing LED’s. When the protective cap is fitted, the data logger resists moisture to IP67 standards. These features make the data logger ideal for calibration labs, pharmaceutical plants, environmental chambers, and storage warehouses.

Series DLI ,DWYER,LCD Data Logger

Series DLI LCD Data Logger

Front Keypad, Wall Mountable, Remote Readings

gives instant remote readings of temperature, humidity, or atmospheric pressure. The large, back-lit LCD and 8-button keypad provide convenient access to current data and recorder setup as well as memory and battery levels. The wall-mountable data logger can store at least 87,000 readings per channel. The easy to use DL700 software makes creating permanent records, performing data calculations, and graphing of data simple. The DLI can easily be started and stopped from a PC or delayed to start up to six months in advance. It can also stop recording at a specified time or after a certain number of readings have been taken.