Series SSR,DWYER,Solid State Relay

Series SSR Solid State Relay

5 or 10 Amp, SPST Switch Operation

Series SSR Solid State Relays amplify the current handling capability of a variety of sensors for controlling higher power loads. The relays are compact, totally encapsulated and impervious to shock or vibration. Units feature SPST, normally open switch operation and can control loads up to 5A or 10A depending on model. Models SSR-312 and SSR-324 are specifically designed to provide low current “start-stop” or “on-off” switching for industrial motor, liquid level, and other control systems. Units hold operational state up to a 1/2 second during momentary power loss to cut nuisance shutdowns.

Series 861SSR,DWYER,DIN/Panel Mountable Solid State Relay

Series 861SSR DIN/Panel Mountable Solid State Relay

10 Amp, SPST-NO Operation, Internal Heat Sink

Series 861SSR DIN/Panel Mountable Solid State Relay features an internal heat sink, bistable clips for DIN rail or panel mounting and an LED indicator light. It is a completely solid state relay – it has NO moving parts. The 861SSR provides reliable switching and long-life operation in applications where high inrush currents or induced currents can affect mechanical state relay operation. The compact housing also minimizes panel space.

Series 9,DWYER,Electromechanical Relay

Series 9 Electromechanical Relay

30 Amp, SPDT and DPDT Operation

is small in size, features Class F insulation for a max coil temperature of 155°C, quick-connect terminals for simple connection, and is panel mountable. The relays are compact and impervious to shock and vibration. The EMR is perfect for motor control, power supplies, lighting, and compressor loads.

Series 750H,DWYER,Hermetically Sealed Relay

Series 750H Hermetically Sealed Relay

12 Amp, DPDT Operation (8-pin) or 3PDT Operation (11-pin)

The Series 750H Hermetically Sealed Electromechanical Relay is designed to be used in Class I Division 2 hazardous area locations. Gold flashed contacts provide protection against oxidation in low current / voltage applications. 8-pin and 11-pin sockets are available to allow quick and easy installation for both surface and DIN rail mounting.

Series 725,DWYER,Power Relay

Series 725 Power Relay

SPST-NO Operation, 30 Amp or DPST-NO Operation, 25 Amp

The Series 725 Power Relays are designed to switch high current loads in the most demanding of applications. By having a high dielectric strength from the coils to the contacts, the relay is able to withstand severe voltage surges and spikes as commonly seen in inductive loads. Flag and LED indicators show the relay status and if there is power to the coil. A push-to-test button allows for manual testing of the relay operation without providing an electrical trigger. Integral mounting ears allows the relay to be panel mounted or DIN rail mounted without the need for an external socket. For quicker wiring installation, the Series 725 is available with quick connect tabs or screw terminals.