Series CSE-3R, DWYER ,Galvannealed Steel Enclosures

The Series CSE-3R Carbon Steel Enclosures are spot-welded, wall mounted enclosures designed to house electrical controls, instruments, and components in an outdoor environment. The enclosure features concealed hinges that allow 180° of rotation, a quarter turn latch that can be opened/closed with a screwdriver, and ground studs on the door and body. Mounting holes on the back of the enclosure allow for versatile mounting and standoffs provide easy installation of optional sub-panels. A rain cap and an oil resistant door gasket will protect instruments from rain, sleet, and snow. Each unit includes a 3/8-16 grounding kit and has the option of including a sub-panel, mounting strap, and/or a drip shield. This series is the perfect accessory for a variety of instrumentation in need of outdoor protection.

Series DPMP, DWYER ,LCD Digital Panel Meter

THE SERIES DPMP LCD DIGITAL PANEL METER provides easy viewing on the 3-1/2 digit LCD display. The display segments are available in a choice of amber, red or green. The meter features user-selectable engineering units, adjustable zero and span and field-selectable decimal point position. The snap-in bezel mount eliminates mounting hardware for quick installation. A 24 VDC power supply is required for the operation of the backlight.