MVE522-65,Controlli,IP65 Globe Valves Actuators

MVE522-65 is a flexible electro mechanical actuator for the control
of two and three-way globe valves in:
• heating and cooling systems;
• Air Handling Units;
• district heating plants;
• industrial temperature control systems.
The actuator can be controlled either by a proportional (modulating)
signal or by an increase/decrease (Floating) signal.
It is easy to mount and connect the actuator. Direct mounting is possible
to any CONTROLLI flanged valve. Linkage kits are available for
CONTROLLI threaded valves as well as for valves of other manufacturers
(table p. 3). The actuator has a fine resolution (500 steps on the
full stroke range) for exacting fluid control and it is able to self-calibrate
on a different stroke without the need of any user action (this
function is DIP switch selectable on the field).
MVE522-65 has intelligent behaviour and alarm functionality in case
of unexpected operation, feedback of alarms to the user is provided
by LEDs (GREEN and RED) on the control board.
N.B.: Do not use the actuator if not coupled with its relating valve.
MVE522-65 is suitable for harsh environment requiring IP65 protection

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