Series DL8,DWYER,Process Data Logger

Series DL8 Process Data Logger

8-Channels, Compact, Self-Powered, Stores up to 32,768 Readings

Eliminate traditional paper chart recorders

with the Series DL8 Process Data Logger. This versatile, multi-channel data logger monitors and stores up to 32,768 process readings for later download to an IBM compatible computer. Seven external input channels easily interface with common transducer and transmitter outputs. Internal thermistor measures ambient temperature outputs. Internal thermistor measures ambient temperature conditions. Programming is simple and easy with the DL200 Windows® software and connecting cable (sold separately). The Series DL8 Process Data Logger is ideal for monitoring temperature, relative humidity, pressure, wind speed, current, voltage and power.

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002 0.25" w.c., 003 0.5" w.c., 004 1" w.c., 005 2.5" w.c., 006 5" w.c., 007 10" w.c., 009 25" w.c., 010 50" w.c., 011 100" w.c., 013 0.25-0-0.25" w.c., 014 0.5-0-0.5" w.c., 015 1-0-1" w.c., 016 2.5-0-2.5" w.c., 017 5-0-5" w.c., 018 10-0-10" w.c.


• 3-in-1 instrument allows the reduction of several instruments with one product,
saving inventory, installation time and money
• Full scale accuracy of 1% even on extremely low ranges, and 0.5% for ranges above
5 in w.c. provide for greater measurement precision
• Secure menu program provides access to device operation only for the right skill
• Optional stainless steel bezel is the same installation diameter as Magnehelic® gage
and simplifies field upgrade to DH3 pressure controller


• SCFM duct flow
• Filter status
• Duct or building static pressure
• Damper and fan control