Series TDL-10,DWYER,Portable Temperature Data Logger

Model TDL-10 Portable Temperature Data Logger

Push Button Start, High/Low Alarm Setting

is a compact and portable data logger used for recording temperature of goods in-transit. It records a wide temperature range from -4 to 158°F (-20 to 70°C). The data logger features programmable high and low alarms that are indicated with green and red LEDs on the face of the logger. The label on the back of the logger allows for important shipping information to be recorded. The TDL-10 can record over 8,000 measurements, and the easy to use TDL-SC software makes retrieving data simple. The TDL-10 can easily be started and stopped from a PC, delayed to start up to thirty days in advance, or begin to start by a push of a button.





002 0.25" w.c., 003 0.5" w.c., 004 1" w.c., 005 2.5" w.c., 006 5" w.c., 007 10" w.c., 009 25" w.c., 010 50" w.c., 011 100" w.c., 013 0.25-0-0.25" w.c., 014 0.5-0-0.5" w.c., 015 1-0-1" w.c., 016 2.5-0-2.5" w.c., 017 5-0-5" w.c., 018 10-0-10" w.c.



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